My name is Yury Bulka and this is my personal web space, hosted as an onion site with a clearnet mirror at ጮ.cc. Additionally, it is also mirrored on Zeronet.

I’m interested in experimental electronic music, various kinds of technology-oriented and/or conceptual art, as well as free software and the free culture movement. Here you can find some of my work and links to some stuff published elsewhere. I also maintain a collection of interesting netmusic I find.

Tor vs ZeroNet vs clearnet

For a few years I was running this web site only as a Tor onion service, self-hosted on physical hardware. Later I have also added a ZeroNet version of the site as a way to make it hosted in a more distributed fashion.

Recently I have decided to also bring up a mirror of this site on the open Internet (a.k.a. clearnet, as opposed to overlay networks like Tor or i2p.) Technically, this mirror runs on a virtual machine independent of the original onion site, and serves a copy of the content. This means that if either of the them goes down, the other might still be available.

The original onion continues to be hosted independently and out of the cloud.


For one-to-one communication I prefer email:

My GPG key long id is: D834635CA9470CA2, fingerprint: 36DD 7515 B47D E2C9 9057 D440 D834 635C A947 0CA2. You can find it on the keys.gnupg.net server or download it directly from here.

Additionally, you can find me on diaspora and on the Fediverse.


Unless otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.